Jun 17th Sunday, Prasad feeding at The Birmingham Hindu Temple

Hello Everyone!

Alabama Nepalese Association (ALNA) would like to invite you and your family to participate at The Birmingham Hindu Temple for Prasad feeding on June 17th, 2012. The Sunday aarti (आरती) will start at 11:30 AM, and Prasad feeding will start right after it.

We need volunteers to cook Prasad items to feed devotees. We are requesting each person/group to cook for 40-50 people. Here are list of items so far:
•Alu ko tarkari
•Alu Ko aachar
•Chana ko tarkari
•Any other Items that you can think of…

More we have better it will be!!!!! We also double on items like Tarkari and Alu ko Aachar.

If you volunteer to cook, please bring food by 11:00 AM.
If you have any questions, please contact me at suman@silwal.com

The Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Birmingham
200 N Chandalar Dr
Pelham, AL 35124

See everyone there!!!



Alabama Nepalese Association

Nepali cultural show at University of Georgia

Nepalese Student Association at the University of Georgia (NSA@UGA) participated in the 14th Annual International Street Festival to showcase various items representing Nepali culture and traditions. The festival was organized by the International Student Life at UGA in downtown Athens, GA on April 14, 2012. NSA@UGA displayed several unique emblems representing rich Nepali culture, lifestyle and landmark. Various artifacts such as, Doko, Theki , Sekhu, Khukuri, Mani Prayer Wheel, Madal, Sarangi, Bansuri, Chalno, Nanglo, Panas, Aankhijhal, Nepali Currencies, Posters of Nepali Landscapes and temples, idols of deities like Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, Buddha, mini Manakamana temple and Swayambhunath Stupa were exhibited. Visitors were enthusiastic in learning various aspects of Nepalese culture and traditions and expressed special interest on several items on display. “It is fun to carry,” said one of the visitors carrying Doko on her back and holding Sekhu on her head.

Mr. Dipak Regmi, the president of Nepalese Student Association at UGA Said, “ The display has numerous items that represent the real way of life of Nepali people and very informative to bring the awareness about Nepal, Nepali and their culture”. “I am Buddhist and I am blessed to know about the birthplace of my lord”, a visitor said pointing at the idol of Gautam Buddha.

NSA@UGA participants took part on a “Fashion show” with traditional Nepali Wedding Dress (Lekhnath Chalise and Saraswoti Chalise),  Daura Surwal and Dhakatopi (Sudip Shrestha), Gunyo Choli, (Prisa Sharma), Gurung Dress (Anila Neupane Paudel) and Sherpa Dresses (Binita KC).  Anila Neupane Paudyal also performed a dance representing Nepali cultural.

Thirty -five international and multicultural student organizations participated in the program. Designed to promote cultural diversity, awareness and tolerance among the international and university students and the Athens and surrounding communities, more than five thousands visitors visited the festival this year. “Participation in such festivals help us in reaching out to the local communities, and share our unique culture and tradition with others”, said Dr. Neelam Poudyal, professor and faculty advisor of the NSA@UGA.



News By: Mr. Dipak Regmi  and Dr. Lekhnath Sharma